Great Outdoor Roofing Options For Homeowners

You need a good outdoor roof cover for your patio space.  This keeps this area dry and safe from bad weather.  Patio builders can provide various outdoor roofing solutions that are to your satisfaction.

Roofing can make patio and decks wonderful outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining family and friends, even in the worst of weather.  Need some outdoor roof ideas?  Creating a patio roof is as easy as using sheet metal or outdoor roof shutters to keep you out of direct sunlight, rain or any other type of weather element.  When installed, not only will it provide a comfortable environment, but increase security as well.

So, if you are interested in learning more about outdoor roofing options, consider the benefits of using the following 3 popular roofing materials.


This first material is extremely strong and durable.  In fact, it can take on a lot of stress and not crack or break.  It can hold up to high and low temperatures since it is thermoplastic.  Thus, it is a perfect outdoor roofing cover for patios.

When patio panels are made with polycarbonate material, they can resist heat.  This means that your patio cover will be cool and comfortable in the summer.  These panels are also clear, which means that a lot of natural light shines on your patio without creating much glare.  In addition, this type of roofing is leakproof, which makes it a wonderful patio roofing solution.  This type of paneling has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


These types of panels are strong just like polycarbonate panels.  They too can take on low and high temperatures, which creates an ideal environment for homeowners.  Not only do they provide heat protection, but also sound protection.

A lot of homeowners choose these panels because they are low maintenance.  Other good selling points are that they’re available in many different colors and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.


Homeowners like this type of roofing because it comes in many different powder coated colors.  This gives them plenty of creative ideas to choose from.  In addition, not only is it corrosion resistant, but it is also termite proof. This is a great option for Australian homeowners, considering harsh weather conditions.  

Colorbond is a lightweight material that is simple and easy to install. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and doesn’t crack, peel or chip.  It is a long-lasting option.

As you can see, these are all great patio roofing options for homeowners to consider.  Choose the best one for your needs.  If you need help deciding, our design consultants can help make things easier for you.

Seasonal Patio Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Outdoor roofing solutions make it easy to entertain family and friends during the summer months and provide a warm place to relax during the wintertime.

The same way that you must clean the interior of a home, the same has to be done for exterior areas of your home as well.  Don’t forget to maintain your patio if you want it to last a long time.  Most people associate the spring season as the best time to clean, but patio cleaning is necessary all year round.  The following are a few tips for seasonal patio cleaning.


Most people homeowners don’t use their patios as much during the wintertime.  Consider the following outdoor cover ideas for these winter months:

  • Put larger pieces of patio furniture in a place such as your garage or shed during winter months.  This ensures that it will remain cool and dry.
  • Put smaller patio items such as rugs, pillows, coffee tables in interior spaces.
  • Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your patio during the wintertime.


Spring is the best-known time for cleaning. This includes both the interior and exterior spaces of your home.  If you brought your patio furniture indoors for the winter, now is the time to put it back out again.  First, make sure you do the following:

  • Sweep patio flooring
  • Scrub flooring if necessary
  • Get rid of dead bugs and weeds that may have collected during the winter You may need to rent a pressure washer to remove stains and dirt
  • Reseal all deck flooring
  • Perform these simple tasks and remember that summer is just around the corner.


Yep!  Summer is finally here.  This is when Perth residents use their patios the most. However, this doesn’t mean that cleaning and maintenance should be neglected during this time.  Do the following to ensure that your patio is properly maintained during this season.  

  • Continue removing weeds as they grow
  • Inspect rotting or damaged spaces
  • Spray the area for bugs and pests
  • Maintain your patio during the summer so that it is ready for family and friends.  Have fun and make it the best summer ever.


Fall is a transitional season.  It’s not cold yet, but the summer sunshine is fading away.  Fall is still a nice season to hang out and enjoy family and friend activities on the patio.  Ensure your patio is in tip top shape by performing these easy tasks:

  • Make sure all plants, bushes and trees in the area are trimmed
  • Remove fall leaves and debris
  • Pressure wash the flooring for stains
  • Inspect for mold growth in damp areas of the patio
  • Get ready for winter